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Puyang willing chemical co., LTD. Statementwilling
2019-04-26 14:05:49

Our company is specialized in the development, production and sales of rubber additives and their superfine, granulating and compounding products. Our company USES the clean environmental protection craft to produce the product by the quality, the green environmental protection enjoys the good prestige in the industry, is the domestic rubber promoter variety to be more complete, the production scale is one of the bigger manufacturers.

Recently, the criminals Lin, contact phone number: 15995818755 (the actual operator of the website, the website for the record name of deng gang), the use of my company address and my company name, puyang "city" wei Lin chemical co., LTD. (my company has no "city" word) in the name of product sales, confusion with my company, the website: http://dengshizuke.com. The quality and safety of chemical products sold on this website are unknown, causing immeasurable hidden dangers for social stability and seriously affecting the image of our company.

Now our company solemnly declare: 1, I company for the recent illegal activities and the fact of the damage to our company has, now appoint lawyers to investigate obtain evidence, to use my company's address and name, and my company infringe goodwill infringement behavior person, my company will be the civil legal liability shall be pursued in accordance with the law, for if the circumstances are serious and alleged constitute a criminal suspect, will report to the public security organ shall initiate an investigation shall be investigated for criminal liability according to law. 2. Our company also informs customers who have established business relations with us or plan to establish business relations with us that they should identify or call our company for verification and consultation before they are confirmed or confirmed by our company. 3, finally, my company sincerely suggest that the majority of customers, do not be the criminals by the false phase of the advertising released by the confused, such as learned that the name of my company engaged in illegal activities please timely report to my company, and in this solemn commitment: my company will continue to provide customers with first-class, quality service.

Disclaimer: puyang willing chemical co., LTD

July 29, 2014

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